Bamboo Fly Rods – Catfishing on Clear Lake Calfornia

You read correctly! Fishing bamboo fly rods with my friend and outstanding Clear Lake Catfishing Guide, Tom Wheeler showed that with the proper design Catfish up to 18lbs were nicely caught on Clear Lake.  The Clear Lake Channel Catfish is a hardy aggressive fish and very much a predator.  So with that in mind we set out to see if bamboo fly rods would hold true or be splintered by Mr. Catfish!

10 lbs plus Cat fish on a bamboo rod, Clear Lake California

10 lbs plus Cat fish on a bamboo rod, Clear Lake California

With Toms years of knowledge chasing Cats on Clear lake, that was half the battle.  Once into these large and hardy fish, the rods performed superbly. Tom’s expertise getting us into these fish proved that the rods worked as designed.

With Tom’s Clear Lake knowledge he helped us cover excellent water. I have never caught any Catfish under 10 lbs and up to 18lbs.  Very impressive indeed.

Sometimes we don’t as fly fishing warriors ever consider other fish, other then Trout and Bass.  Don’t under estimate the aggressive and power of a 10 plus pound catfish ripping line off your reel!

For a exciting day seeking a giant Catfish, contact Tom:

For bamboo fly rods and Spinning rods, contact Kane Klassics and Doug Kulick:


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