Graphite Fly Rods

Graphite Fly Rods by Kane Klassics

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Graphite Fly Rods

Graphite Fly Rods

Graphite Fly Rods use the same taper design expertise used in our Bamboo Fly Rods and are combined with composite multi-modulus graphite allowing stream-side performance that is delicate in short casting ranges yet, with extraordinary backbone, that reaches out to incredible distances.

The 7 1/2 in. – 2 weight line rod option uses a smaller, more delicate reverse-cigar cork grip with a unique burl cork at the forefinger position. The reel seat’s downward locking sliding cap is nickel silver with gunmetal bluing; this color will age to a fine patina. The reel seat’s wood is a beautiful Bird’s Eye Maple and the blank is a flat burgundy finish.

Superb accuracy and castability are attained from the application of taper designs from Kane Klassics bamboo fly rods. These tapers combined with composite multi-modulus graphite allow stream side performance deIicate in the short casting ranges yet with extraordinary backbone to reach out to incredible distances. These rods offer outstanding value through their attention to detail. The same hand-crafted skills, which grace all Kane Klassics bamboo rods, are standard on our graphite rods.


The graphite in our fly rods consists of a proprietary mix of medium and high modulus graphite. In high stress areas such as ferrules, high modulus graphite allows strong, lightweight and slender ferrules. In other areas of the rod, lower modulus graphite combines to smooth out the action and stiffness giving our Kane Klassics graphite rods a smooth medium fast action even in our three and four piece pack rods!


Our ferrules use a reduced diameter, stronger, and self cleaning male sliding into female design. This design offers long wearing, self cleaning, strong attachment, and flexible joining of rod sections.


The elegant flat burgundy blank color is beautiful and yet functional. Scrapes are easily finger polished back to a matching sheen, as opposed to scrapes in a shiny glossed rod. The rods reflect less shine in casting and this helps the stealth approach in bright casting conditions.


As in our bamboo rods, all graphite rod guides are attached with pure silk thread. The beautiful pure burgundy color surrounds the guide, and appears to float the guides’ paws off the rod just as elegantly as our bamboo rods. The guides have a blued black non-reflective coating which wears to a patina as you use your rod. The stripping guides are the finest in long performance material, enhancing castablity for the life of the rod.


All our 2, 3 and 4 piece rods in line weights 4, 5, 6 and 8 are fitted with a modified cigar grip. At the forefinger or thumb area of the cork a section of burl cork, a Kane Klassics signature, is designed in. This burl cork is nicely colored and functionally denser, providing a casting point which will remain functional for the life of the rod. The reel seat is up-locking nickel silver blued gun metal with the same finish as a fine sporting weapon. The reel seat wood is elegant American black walnut burl.
The 7 1/2′, 2 weight line rod uses a reverse cigar smaller delicate cork grip still with the unique burl cork at forefinger position and a wonderful wood real seat of bird’s-eye maple. The nickel silver down locking sliding cap is all gun metal blue as well. In use, the bluing ages to a fine patina, just as a fine sporting weapon.


All Kane Klassics rods have assembly markings at all ferrules. From the two piece rods to the multi section rods, all have these simple but important alignment aids.


As with our bamboo rods, our graphite rod hook keeper is mounted one inch forward of the cork check, cosmetically pleasing and totally functional. Mounting the ringed hook keeper away from the cork protects your finger from hook puncture while carrying the rod, another Kane Klassics signature.


Your rod is traditionally labeled using a rolled stamp of Kane Klassics Logo into the butt cap of your rod. The rod’s size, date of manufacture and serial number are hand labeled on every Kane Klassics rod with pride.


Every Kane Klassics rod comes with an aluminum rod case, with a functional and unique cap containing a breather hole. A burgundy rod cloth bag protects the rod in the case.

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