Bamboo Fly Rods

Bamboo Fly Rods – Construction

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Custom Bamboo Fly Rods

Bamboo Fly Rods, Hand Planing

After being seasoned for 40 years, our select bamboo cane is split, which carefully sections out each strip in preparation for hand planing the delicate tapers of each rod. The traditional art of hand planing assures the strongest and most accurate rod possible. This is because the plane actually follows the cell structure of the bamboo, leaving intact the layers of power cells. The inner apex of the tapered triangular strip is then removed, When the sections are fitted and glued together, the result is a hollow built rod, resilient in action and light in weight.

All Kane Klassics bamboo fly rods have assembly markings at each ferrule. These simple but important alignment aids allow for quick rod assembly. The rod hook keeper is mounted one inch in front of the cork check. Mounting the hook keeper away from the cork protects your finger from hook puncture while carrying the rod.

Your rod’s size, date of manufacture and serial number are hand labeled on every Kane Klassics rod along with rolled stamp Kane Klassics label on the butt cap of your rod.

Every Kane Klassics rod comes with an aluminum rod case including a functional and unique breather hole cap. A burgundy rod cloth bag protects the rod while it is in the case.


The graphite in our fly rods consists of a proprietary mix of medium and high modulus graphite. In high stress areas, high modulus graphite allows strong, lightweight and slender ferrules. In other areas of the rod, lower modulus graphite combines to smooth out the action and stiffness.  Our ferrules use a reduced diameter, stronger, and self cleaning male sliding into female design. This design offers long wearing, self cleaning, strong attachment, and flexible joining of rod sections.

These combinations give all of our Kane Klassics graphite rods a smooth medium-fast action, even with our three and four piece pack rods.

All rod guides are attached with pure silk thread. The guides have a blued black non-reflective coating which wears to a patina as your is used. The stripping guides are the finest in long performance material, enhancing castablity for the life of the rod.

All of our 2, 3 and 4 piece rods with 4, 5, 6 and 8 in line weight options are fitted with a modified cigar grip. At the forefinger or thumb area of the cork a section of burl cork is designed in. This burl cork is nicely colored and functionally denser, providing a casting point which will remain functional for the life of the rod. The reel seat is upward-locking blued gunmetal, nickel silver. The reel seat wood is an elegant American black walnut burl.

Taper Designs

Over the years, I have perfected excellence in casting performance with my taper designs. My tapers are designed to cast modern fly lines and result in reduced overall diameter of the completed rod. My most noteworthy design made it possible for a multi-piece pack that casts excellently as a single or two-piece rod.

With my extensive history in the industry I developed the knowledge and skill that has allowed me to build rods ranging from traditional slow-to-medium action up to “graphite-like” fast dry fly action. These tapers, combined with my hollow built sections, create reduced weight and wind resistance that also improve presentation.


Kane Klassic rods are flame tempered. This creates rod hues that vary from light straw to beautiful dark shades of amber. Another option for coloring is to oven heat treat the cane giving the rod a deep blond cast; strongly contrasting the darker flame tempered variations with the same performance outcome.

After tempering, the rods are dipped in a custom formula of polymer coating. The polymer coating ensures generations of protection with the appearance of traditional spar varnish, but no worry of yellowing or coating oxidation.

Scrapes are easily finger polished back to a matching sheen, as opposed to scrapes in a shiny glossed rod. The rods reflect less shine in casting and this helps the stealth approach in bright casting conditions.

Kane Klassics customizes its designs all the way down to the reel seat woods and the nickel silver metal work. Paying strict attention to detail, special gunmetal bluing techniques are used ensuring years of performance and protection against rust.

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This series of bamboo rods is named after the wild and clear-running “Free Stone” streams of the western United States. Custom made by hand, they include hand-planed tapers of flame-hardened bamboo and are available in three actions: slow, medium, or fast. “Free Stone” rods come with two tips, slip-ring reel seat with American Black walnut wood insert, nickel silver hardware and aluminum rod case with protective rod bag. “Free Stone” options allow the fly fisherman to personalize the rod.

“Free Stone” Options:

  • Nickel Silver “Blueing”
  • Extra Tip Section
  • Measuring Tape Labeled on Rod
  • Leather Rod Case Bag
  • Up or Down Locking Reel Seat
“Free Stone” Fly Rod Line Weights and Lengths
Size Line Sections
5′ 3 1 pc.
5 1/2′ 3 1 pc.
6′ 3 1 pc.
6 1/2′ 3 1 pc.
5′ 3 2 pc.
5 1/2′ 3 2 pc.
6′ 3 2 pc.
6 1/2′ 3 2 pc.
7′ 4 2 pc.
7 1/2′ 4 2 pc.
8′ 5 2 pc.
5′ 3 3 pc.
5 1/2′ 3 3 pc.
6′ 3 3 pc.
6 1/2′ 3 3 pc.
7′ 4 3 pc.
7 1/2′ 4 3 pc.
8′ 5 3 pc.


These bamboo rods are constructed with the proper tapers for true medium-fast action, which allows for outstanding dry fly and nymph fishing. Ferruled with lightweight nickel silver hardware, light tan wrappings with cranberry tipping, premium guides and superior cork grips, these bamboo 4 section wonders are a pleasure to cast and to battle that memorable trout. Each is a true traveling companion, supplied with an extra tip, hook-keeper, protective poplin rod bag and aluminum rod case.

“BAMBOO PACK” Fly Rod Line Weights and Lengths
Size Line Reel Seat
5 1/2′ 3-4 Slip-ring
6′ 4-5 Slip-ring
6 1/2′ 4-5 Slip-ring
7′ 4-5 DW-lock
7 1/2′ 5-6 DW-lock
8′ 5-6 DW-lock
8 1/2′ 5-6 DW-lock
9′ 6-7 DW-lock

Up-locking reel seats available on request


The ultimate in a bamboo pack rod! These rods are also constructed with special tapers and the lightest nickel silver ferrules available providing an impressive medium action. Each is an all-around fly rod with the ability to handle dry fly situations. Complete with the same premium hardware and accessories as our four section rods.

“BAMBOO PACK” Fly Rod Line Weights and Lengths
Size Line Reel Seat
5 1/2′ 3-4 Slip-ring
6 1/2′ 4-5 Slip-ring
7 1/2′ 4-5 Slip-ring
8′ 5-6 DW-lock
8 1/2′ 5-6 DW-lock

Up-locking reel seats available on request


For the spin and bait caster, Kane Klassics offers two sizes of rods to provide pleasurable line casting — just as it was in years past! Each rod is equipped with the same fine quality hardware as our fly rods and they come with an aluminum rod case for superb rod protection.

Type Size Line
Spin 5 1/2′ 4-6 lbs.
Spin 6 1/2′ 6-8 lbs.
Cast 5 1/2′ 6-8 lbs.
Cast 6 1/2′ 8-10 lbs.

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