Electric BIkes – upgrading your old favorite

Its not about the journey, but the destination.

I have been getting a lot of questions on upgrading one’s older favorite bike with an electric bike pedal assist kit.  The best answer I can give you is … YES.  The perfect example I have is my 30 year old Schwinn Varsity 18 Speed.  Electric bikes are amazing technology that can upgrade your child hood/college bike.

Electric bike ,my 1984 Schwinn transported in time to 2014

Electric bikes – upgrading your old favorite, my 1984 Schwinn… transported in time to 2014

I paid $550.00 in 1984 which in today’s dollars was a very nice bike back then. I choose it for the easy removable front tire and wheel.  I wanted it to fit in my airplane and there were not folding full size bikes back then as we carry at Kane Klassics today.

I originally chose the Bionx Pedal Assist system as it is the most advanced electric bikes – upgrading your old favorite bike system out there today.  I have owned several Prius hybrid cars and the Bionx system worked in the same manner.  Talk about capability, the systems light weight, 48 volt long lasting battery (60 mile plus range) and advance regeneration charge back into the battery on braking/down hill was just plan amazing.  The pedal assist senses your input and matches it or exceeds it to your command settings.

The light weight and highly capable Bionx Motor

The light weight and highly capable Bionx Motor

Hills and loads were now easily mastered extending my range and ride.  You still get you exercise.  Here is an operational selection for the down hills, to get maximum regeneration and it holds you back.  what that means is you pedal up with the same effort or more on the down hill.  This is amazing technology especially for couples where and injury or knee aliment prevents their riding together.  Now they have no excuse not to ride together never worried that their riding partner will over exert.

The 1984 Schwinn looking like any 2014 bike!

The 1984 Schwinn looking like any 2014 bike!

So early on as a electric bikes dealer, just like Kane Klassics fly rod restoration service, why not extend that retrofit service to the biking enthusiast. My Schwinn now stand proudly along side the new bikes in the shop, equal in looks and functionality.  We polished up the

Bamboo Fly Rod Restoration

Fly Rod Restoration, turning an old favorite into a modern tool, as we do with your older bike.

Schwinn, new brakes, tires and adjustments.  Then added the Bionx 48 volt Pedal Assist System which as in a time machine brought the 1984 bike forward to 2014!

The Bionx cockpit controller allowing you to input your level of assist and regeneration to the battery.

The Bionx cockpit controller allowing you to input your level of assist and regeneration back into the battery.

This bike is at the shop and you can visit to see and ride the modernized 2014 capable Schwinn. For technical and further information visit the https://www.kaneklassics.com web site.

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