Kane Klassics recommended Electric Heated Gloves

We use a numerous amount of items in testing our fly rods, in guiding and general outdoor fishing experiences.  It has been my policy to always pass on useful products even though Kane Klassics would not sell them, so our friends and customers can take advantage of our real world use of these items.  We have always looked for a source of hand warming technology as we fish in the winter mountain conditions through out the west.  The packaged crush type hand warmers are ok but they provide minimum hear through the day.

Electric heated leather waterproof and breathable gloves

The Rocket Burner Motorcycle leather electric gloves are spot on.  The easily recharged lithium batteries are good for hours of controlled heat.  The water proof and breathable glove is great in the rain and driving the boat in winter weather.

There are many types and options but I decided on the battery powered gloves at they are not tethered to the boat or car/ATV.

These are quality gloves which should last a lifetime.The batteries are easily inserted into the battery pouch and hooked into the electrical lead.

battery placement into the gloves rear pouch for the battery hook up

We were impressed and purchased ours from “Road Rider of Reno”.  you can reach them at www.roadrideroftenofreno.com

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