Blue Quill Dry Fly


Blue Quill Dry Fly used with a fine leader is a fussy trout go to fly.  In smaller sizes make sure your getting a drag free float.  If you cant see the Blue Quill Dry Fly lead it with a caddis trout fly or other fly you can see and strike when you see that witch or you see a boil behind it signalling someone was interested in the small Blue Quill Dry Fly.



Blue Quill Dry Fly

Blue Quill Dry Fly is considered to be a Mayfly pattern the Blue Quill is actually the mayfly species known as: Paraleptophlebia adoptiva. These bugs form an important hatch in the East and Midwest.  This particular pattern has a stripped peacock feather stem for the body. This fly is another great fussy trout fly used drag free in smaller sizes.

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14, 16, 18, 20


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