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The Blue Winged Olive is used on long thin leaders, a fly to go to when your using a fine bamboo fly rod casting to sipping trout.  If you cant see the smaller sizes at distance tie the blue winged olive off an attraction fly you can see like a fluffy caddis. I usually tie it off 18 inches and watch the attractor fly for jigs or movement or a swirl 18 inches trailing it.  Keep the drag free float on the attractor assures usually a drag free float on the tiny bug behind.

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Blue Winged Olive

The Blue Winged Olive of all the species and sub-species of real bugs, are one of the most varied and common insects in American waters. This dry fly pattern is a match the hatch type fly, a must-have in the box in all sizes, as your chances of encountering this bug are almost guaranteed if you fish for trout in North America.

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