Griffiths Gnat Dry Fly – $1.00 each, NO limit, No Minimum


The Griffith’s Gnat will work as a trailer fly to a larger dry fly if your having trouble sighting it.  Tie it off 18 inches behind the larger fly you can see and it that indicator fly wiggles, sinks or moves in anyway tighten up and you will have hooked the trout on the smaller Griffith Gnat!



Griffiths Gnat

The Griffith’s Gnat Dry Fly imitates a lot of different insects. It’s a buggy dry fly and can be fished a number of different ways. It looks like a tiny woolly bugger with no tail and has the same effect on fish. Dont be afraid to use two connected on a fine leader and if they sink strip back with full slow strips and you will be surprised what you might hook up!

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