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The Royal Coachman dry fly is a traditional pattern. This dressing and its modern variations are probably the most popular flies in America. While they imitate nothing, they can catch trout when used as attractor patterns and not seeking to match a hatch. Used as a indicator fly , great for dropping small nymphs off the round of the hook.  Watch the games begin and count what fly is grabbed most in that combo!!!



Royal Coachman

The Royal Coachman is the most traditional dry fly around and easily made the Maker’s top five trout flies.  Used as an attractor fly and fish it in fast waters.  One of the defining dry flies and is traditionally matched to being fished with a bamboo fly rod.

One of the top five flies recommended by the Maker, Doug kulick of Kane Klassics Bamboo fly rods. The Royal Coachman is king of searching out trout and works time and time again.  See Doug’s top five picks below:

Adams Parachute

Royal Coachman

Caddis Dry Fly

Bead Heard Hares Ear Nymph

Bead Head Prince Nymph

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