Hare’s Ear Nymphs, the last fly standing

The most productive flies your fly box can have are a selection of Hare’s Ear Nymphs.  Either the bead head or standard,  they simply catch more fish, in more waters then all other nymph patterns combined.  The reason is the buggy life likeness of the fly’s rabbit hair tying material.

Hare's ear standard nymph

Hare’s ear standard nymph

In small sizes the Hare’s Ear Nymphs represent all forms of mayflies, and simply just edible chow for any hungry fish.  In larger sizes, any aquatic life form. They are a non-specific form of nymph, not matching any specific nymph but that in its own right justifies their number one edibility for any opportunistic predator.

I have often caught minnows that attacked and been hooked on this nymph where the nymph was half their size. I regularly hook 20 inch plus fish as well.


Hare’s Ear Nymphs can be best fished any number of ways.  As droppers under dry flies, dead drifted on floating and sinking fly lines, and under indicators. Here is a sure fire naughty trick when you really cant match an evening dry fly hatch.  Use floatant on a hare’s ear attached to a long leader and floating fly line; then and hold on. This effective floating the nymph in the surface film can make a lousy day excel. Always try Hare’s Ear Nymphs, you’ll be pleased.

See the kane klassics selection of quality tied hare ears on the links below.

BH Hare’s Ear Dark: https://kaneklassics.com/product/bead-head-hares-ear-dark/

DH Hare’s Ear Light: https://kaneklassics.com/product/bead-head-hares-ear-light/

Hare’s Ear Dark: https://kaneklassics.com/product/hares-ear/

Hare’s Ear Light: https://kaneklassics.com/product/hares-ear-light/

Fat Tire Sand Bikes – Strike Terror in Trout Populations

Its not about the journey, but the destination.

News Flash:
Our cargo trailers are the industry light-weight leaders.. the 6′trailer, a mere 27 lbs !

Kane Klassics has embarked upon building the finest, most off road capable Fat Tire Sand Bikes for the fly fishing purist.  In a cooperative venture with Tammisea Fat Sand Bikes out of the Miami Beach area of Florida, we have taken a solid performing Fat tire bike with the industries widest 4.8-inch tires and added Kane Klassics performance and usability upgrades.

Fat tire,  E-Bike installed electric motor system

Fat tire, E-Bike installed electric motor system

The Fat Tire Sand Bikes where design with aluminum and stainless steel components to with stand the salt environment of beach riding. We took this to a new level by the installation of the new Shimano internal shifting 11-speed rear axel gear pack and adding hydraulic brakes.  When combined with an E-Bike electric drive front mounted drive motor you have the ultimate all wheel drive off road fat tire bike for dirt, mountain, sand and snow riding.

The E-bike Electric kit is engineered and installed with a steel heavy-duty fork, and combined with oversize spokes to assure the long-term use of the front drive system.  The 48-volt battery provides 30 plus miles of level power and more range when you combine peddling. All this has been engineered using aircraft design and hardware to affix the battery; controller and accessories for long care free service life.

We use these Fat Tire Sand Bikes to haul the Kane klassics bike trailer (6′ trailer a mere 27 lbs.)with float tubes, float boats and gear around lakes in the area 100 miles radius from Reno NV.  Fishing on lakes can in fact be like fishing on a desert.  Until you know the waters and fish habits, you have to begin to fish, observe and react to what you see and experience.  Equipped with the fat tire bike and trailer, you can leave your car or truck safely parked on firm terrain and ride straight to the waters edge, launch and begin to fish.  Through your observations,  if you see more fish action down or up lake, load up the float device and peddle to that area.  No getting stuck in the beach sand as the fat tire bike and trailer with fat tires floats over the sand.  Your truck, parked on firm soil is safe from getting stuck.

One of the caught and released Trout now fearing the FAT TIRE scourge

One of the caught and released Trout now fearing the FAT TIRE scourge

The other key advantage of using the bike and trailer, your gear fits over the trailer wheels, which are under the flat bed. No other bike trailer offers you that oversize fly-fishing gear load capability.  Stay tune to more in-depth articles on the future use of our Fat tires.

Bicycle trailer , flat bed with the optional fly rod rack and show with a float boat equipped with oars and rowing frame.

Bicycle trailer , flatbed with the optional fly rod rack and show with a float boat equipped with oars and rowing frame. A mere 27 lbs. for the 6′ trailer’s weight.






For more information and details on the bikes and trailers see the links below,

Fat Tire Bikes: https://kaneklassics.com/montague-bikes/fat-sand-bikes/

Bicycle Trailers: https://kaneklassics.com/montague-bikes/bicycle-trailers-kane-klassics/


Lewiston Lake California fantastic fly fishing

One of over 75 Trout caught and released on Lewiston lake

One of over 75 Trout caught and released on Lewiston lake

The fishing on Lewiston Lake California. was fantastic on Friday 10 Jan.  In little less then five hours using small PT nymphs and small leeches, over 75 Rainbow Trout were caught and released.  Using a full slow strip on the retrieve, the hit was followed by a strip set which seemed to be most effective in a solid hooking up of the fish.  Many casts resulted in a hook up or at least a grab.

leech in olive; small sizes worked best that day

leech in olive; small sizes worked best that day

The size ranged from 12 inches to a solid 20 inch fish. All were in excellent winter condition. Here are the links for the flies which performed the best:

The bead head PT:  https://kaneklassics.com/product/bead-head-pheasant-tail/

The Bead head prince: https://kaneklassics.com/product/bead-head-prince-nymph/

The smaller sized olive leeches: https://kaneklassics.com/product/marabou-leech-olive/

To get to Lewiston Lake California, take 299 out of Redding and follow the signs to Trinity Lake and Lewiston.

Call to book a guided trip,  fishing with the Maker and using bamboo fly rods 510-487-8545